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Dear Kenny:

I am happy to inform you that I passed this February's New York Bar exam after three unsuccessful previous attempts.  I know for a fact that you are the main reason for my success.  I was able to improve my Multistate score by 35 scaled points.  I am convinced that mastering the MBE was and is the most decisive factor for success on the bar, and that nobody knos how to teach this skill better than you.

You skillfully unraveled many of the mysteries of the MBE for what they represent: a game which, once the clues are Dick-Tracy decoded, can be systematically played and won.  Perhaps even more importantly, however, I felt constantly motivated by your exceptional presence and state-of-the-art teaching approach, interwoven with a healthy measure of the best stand-up comedy I have ever witnessed.  The combined effect was to annihilate those two eternal enemies to the sanity of law students and lawyers alike: boredom and self-doubt. (Your first-grade teaching mother can be proud!)

At the same time, I gained many new perspectives about myself and the nature and effects of the thinking instilled by three years of ivy league law school, as compared to the very different thinking required for the bar and contrasted again with what happens in the 'real world'.

With many sincere thanks,

A.F. Harvard

To Whom It May Concern:

The words professional, dedication, and keen intellect describe Mr. Kenneth Dym, Esq.  He does all that is necessary in helping his students prepare for the bar.

I was very fortunate to have met Mr. Kenneth Dym, Esq. who has over 25 years in bar testing experience.  He has helped over 500,000 students study and pass the bar examination.

When I met Mr. Dym, I had recently failed both the New York and New Jersey bar examinations.  Mr. Dym is not a tutor, but a teacher, who wants to see his students succeed on such a rigorous and challenging exam.  Mr. Dym took all materials that I was using and made them into digestible parts, since I was working full-time.  Mr. Dym was always available via e-mail and phone to answer my questions, even if they were at 9:30 pm on a Saturday night.

The real magic or perhaps a more explicit description is when Mr. Dym began unlocking the secrets to the MBE (Multistate Bar Examination).  In my first experience with the MBE, I did not finish either the morning or afternoon sessions.  During that first examination, I had trouble with different topics, such as, mortgages and evidence.  When I retook the bar exam,these two areas were not weaknesses anymore, but became strengths due to Mr. Dym's tutoring services.

Mr. Dym has a talent in evaluating what strengths and weaknesses for his students.  His abilities help craft any law student ranging from C- to A+ into a bar examiner master.

One of Mr. Dym's first lessons was explaining that I had to take thirty-three (33) MBE questions each day.  He explained that the MBE lists certain wrong answers, which was one of the many testing strategies that help me succeed.  These basic nuisances have to be taught because with only 1.8 minutes to answer each question, it's the only way to survive this exam.

Anyone who is undecided on whether to enlist Mr. Dym for his services only needs to see him turn the MBE into a crossword puzzle.  Mr. Dym will alert students on how to target the correct answer by looking for certain words in the call of the question, i.e. 'Strict Products Liability' or the main body of the question.

When I started with Mr. Dym, I was averaging about 55% correct on all subjects concerning the MBE.  By the next time I needed to take the next bar examination, MR. DYM HELPED RAISE THAT UP TO 80%.

When I received my results, my MBE score had gone from a 117 on the first bar exam to a 136 on the second bar exam.  THAT WAS OVER A 19 point increase!

In closing, Mr. Dym not only helped me succeed on such a challenging exam, but became more than just a bar exam tutor, he is a teacher, gentleman, and a friend for life.

Yours truly,

James de Stefano, Esq.